ANTARES is a fully featured multi-functional
corneal topographer with a dedicated software designed to help in the detection and analysis of Dry Eyes. The topographer Antares provides information about the curvature, elevation and retractive power of the cornea. 


Detection & Analysis

of Dry Eyes 

Turnkey Acquisition System

ANTARES has an advanced ring editing system allowing to edit edge position for proper reconstruction on particularly distorted surfaces. Also, offers a white light to capture color images and videos as well as cobalt light blue light for analysis of contact lenses fitting with fluorescein.

Maneuver Cross

Slide Joystick

Features a continuous light volume controller for fine adjustment and illumination switches. It also captures

live photos and video recordings examinations for all patients documentations. 

1.  Instrument with Placido’s Disk
2.  Headrest
3.  Chinrest
4.  Patient’s Handle
5.  Guide Guards
6.  Joystick with Capturing Trigger Button
7.  Shaped Tabletop
8.  Instrument Power Supply Cable
9.  Capturing Channel
10. Blue LED


Product Features

Antares provides many parameters to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of the corneal surface.

Videokeratoscope Software Phoenix

ANTARES uses Phoenix software platform allowing patient data to be saved for future review and analysis, shared by all topographer and tomographer devises.

  • Pupillography

  • Videokeratoscope

  • Fluorescein Imaging

  • 24 rings Placido’s disk

  • Lipid layer pattern imaging

  • Advanced ring editing system

  • Cornea measurement (Phoenix)

  • Contact Lenses Application Module

  • High-resolution color video camera

  • Advanced Analysis of the Tear Film

  • Keratoconous screening and detection

  • Tear meniscus height imaging and measurement

  • Meibomian glands analysis, imaging and screening

Contact Lenses Application Module

A contact lens fitting module is available
which simulates the fit of rigid lenses based
on an internal database of many lens



Keratoconous screening provides the
clinician with important information about
the patients cornea. Understanding this
can help prevent complications associated
with ectasia before corneal surgery is


Antares has built-in pupillography measurement
soft ware. The measurement of the pupil in
scotopic (0.04 lux), mesopic (4 lux), photopic
(50 lux) conditions and in dynamic mode.
Knowing the center and the diameter of the
pupil, is essential for many clinical procedures
which seek to optimize vision quality. 

Advanced Analysis of the Tear Film

Placido disk technology allows for the
advanced analysis of the tear film, such
as NI-BUT (Non Invasive Break-up Time).


Meibomian glands can be viewed under
infrared light once the image is  captured,
you can use the soft ware to aid in the
analysis of the condition of the glands.



Operation Distance:                        74 mm from corneal vertex

Number of Rings:                            24

Number Measuring Points:             6144 (24x256)

Number of Points Analyzed:           Over 100000

Covered Corneal Area Diameter:    0.4 to over 9.6 mm of Diameter

Dioptres Measuring Arc:                 1 to 100 D

Size:                                                505x315x251 mm

Weight                                             6.2 kg

Applicable Lighting:

Placido’s LED lighting:                  White LED

Fluorescein LED lighting:               Blue LED 460 nm

Pupillometry:                                  LED lighting IR LED 875 nm


Accuracy & Repeatability Error:    Class 1

Power Supply:                               24V DC external power supply unit

Input Power Supply Unit:               90-264 V AC: - 47/63 Hz

                                                       Max 0.9 A Output: 24 V DC - 2 A

Power Frequency                          (50/60Hz) magnetic field IEC 61000-4-8

Power Cable:                                 Four-core cable conductors  

Computer Connection:                  USB3 Type A cable


8380 NW 64 St. Miami, FL 33166 U.S.A.    PHONE: 305.406.3915    |   FAX: 305.938.5012

E-MAIL:     HOURS: Monday - Friday  9:00am - 5:30pm

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