New Retinal Camera COBRA HD

The Cobra Series is an innovative non-mydriatic digital fundus camera that combines all the needed functions for a fast retinal screening.

 This unique ergonomic shape, provides a clear and detailed vision, with a 60 degree horizontal view of the entire ocular fundus. Multiple wave-length images can be displayed on one screen: choroidal vascular, nerve fiber, infrared and red-free images.

Maneuver Cross
Slide Joystick

The Cobra Series features a manual
acquisition and electronically guided
joystick, for high precision focus control and repeatability measurements for
multiple fixation points.

High Quality


Cobra HD shares the use of the CCD high resolution sensor for the alignment of the patient and the capture of retinal images. Multiple wave-length images can be displayed on one screen such as: choroidal, vascular, nerve fiber, infrared and red-free images.

COBRA Series offers a unique and one of the kind technology, therefore you can utilize simultaneously two operative devices while connected with the Phoenix software. This application provides the clinician important information about the patients eyes utilizing over 9 different diagnostics and allows the patients data to be saved for future review and analysis.

  • Manual guided acquisition system

  • Simultaneous visible (‘white’) light and IR acquisition

  • Panoramic analysis for enlarged field of view

  • Image processing, drawing and measuring

  • Image overlay and zoom effects

Management Software

USB connection between the device and the PC enables a fast and easy transfer of the images.

  • Cup/disc horizontal and vertical

  • Edge enhancement

  • Contrast, brightness, RGB components settings and gamma correction

  • Image color splitting (grey-values, red free, channel separation)

  • Color inversion and filter simulation

MGD Analysis Module (Meibography)

Cobra HD includes a module for the analysis of the Meibomian Glands (MGD). Cobra HD non-contact meibography has the ability to view a greater surface area of the everted eyelid, requiring fewer images and less time to merge images to create a panoramic view of the lid for evaluation of the glands structure and health.

Infrared image acquisition

The image is acquired using a low flash level and infrared light, producing a very detailed image of the retina.

Integration tool with ERG test

The image of the retinal fundus provided by COBRA+ can be combined with the multi focal ERG test, performed with the RETIMAX device. This new module provides a precise indication of the functionality of every analyzed retinal area; it is very useful for the diagnosis and follow-up of Macular Degeneration as well as degenerative hereditary retinal diseases.

Mosaic function

COBRA+ can capture multiple images which can be combined together to create a panoramic image of the peripheral retina.

Multiple wave-length images

Multiple wave-length images can be displayed on one screen: the original image, infrared image red-free image; as well the choroidal, vascular and nerve fiber  images.

Cup to disk measurement

The measurement of the Cup to Disk ratio is easily achieved using the built in measurement tools that are available in the Phoenix software platform for the detection of glaucomatous disease.

AVR evaluation module (optional)

The AVR tool measures the ratio between the branch arteriolar-venous diameter. A low ratio between the dimension of the vessels, may be predictive of cardiovascular problems in adult patients



Image Resolution:    2448 x 2051 (5M Pixel)

Working Distance :   20mm

Dimension:               420mm x 315mm x 255mm              

Shelf Size:                380mm x 500mm

Field of View:            25x (9mm)  40x (6mm)

Base Movement:      105mm x 110mm x 30mm

Weight:                     6kg

Field of View             50 x  45

Light Source:

Auxiliary IR:              LED @850nm

White Flash:             LED @450-650nm



Operating Environment:        

Temperature -10  C ~ +35  C

Humidity 30% ~ 90% RH

Atmospheric Pressure Range 800 hPa ~ 1060 hPa

Storage and Environment Conditions:        

Temperature -10  C ~ +55  C                             

Humidity 10% ~ 95%

Atmospheric Pressure Range 700 hPa ~ 1060 hPa

Shipping Condition:               

Temperature -40  C ~ +70  C75mm

Humidity 10% ~ 95%

Atmospheric Pressure Range  500 hPa ~ 1060 hPa


10Hz @ 500Hz, 0.5g | Shock 30g Duration 6ms,

Bumb 10g  Duration 6ms

Power Supply:                        

External power source 24 VCC In: 100-240                

Vac - 50/60Hz - 0.9-05A - Out: 24Vdc - 40W

Frequency Range:                 

80MHz - 800MHz

Isolation Transformer:              

230V / 230V


Driven Telescopic Column SCHUMO AG,

Model TES2 23 / TA0113  X20 400238Z               


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