Digital Video Camera - USB

Inami Digital Slit Lamps includes a SONY digital camera which takes crisp image, videos, embedded high quality sensor and a simple USB connection. L-0541 DC has a high speed data transfer(5Gbps) of the newest serial bus which assures a stable connection between the camera and your PC.

MODEL: L-0229  


Double Beam Splitters

L-0541 DC offers a user friendly technology of assembling Slit Lamp accessories. This will allow all user to easily remove and add any additional parts with security and reliability. Other accessories are available such as the foot remote controller and external LED background illumination. 

MODEL: L-0541DC  


Pixel Filer 3.0  is an easy to use software for taking fine and detailed digital images, capturing videos, and sorting files. Software runs in Windows PC.


Image Sensor Type:

Sony Progressive scan interline transfer CCD’s with

square pixels and global shutter

Image Sensor Model:

ICX445 1/3” h EX view HAD CCD (TM)

Maximum Resolution:

1280 (H) x 960 (V)

Pixel Size:

3.75μm x 3.75μm

Analog to Digital Converter:

5-pin Mini B USB 2.0 digital interface for camera control,

video data transmission & power

Video Data Output / Max Frame Rate:

5FPS 1296 x 964 Y8 at 18 FPS

Image Data Formats:

Automatic / manual modules, programmable via software

0 dB to 24 dB in 0.04 dB increments

Digital Interface:

Automatic / manual modes, programmable via software,

0.01 ms to 66 ms

Transfer Rates:

2 W (max) at 5V

Partial Image Modes:

Pixel binning and region of interest modes via format_7

General Purpose I/0 Ports:

7-pin JST GPIO connector, 4 pins for trigger and strobe,

1 pin +3.3 V, 1 VEXT pin for external power

Gain Control:

Automatic / manual / one-push gain modes, programmable

0 dB to 24 dB in 0.04 dB increments

Shutter Speed:

Automatic / manual / one-push modes, programmable

0.01 ms > 10 seconds

Power Consumption: 

2 W (max) at 5V

Digital Camera - USB

The digital Video camera has a full suite of auto and manual controls in the USB software. The camera features a standard C-mount interface to fit any microscope with a C-mount adapter.

Video Camera - Adaptor

with C-Mount F=70mm

This optional video digital camera adapter is designed for a easy and quick assembly access while adding the USB digital camera



All Inami Microscope features the optional C mount system, extra beam splitter, assistant binocular microscope, and video camera mount.



Frame Rate: 18 FPS

Lens Mount: CS-mount

Pixel Size: 3.75 µm

Resolution: 1296 × 964

Sensor Type: CCD

Sensor Format:  1/3"

ADC: 12-bit

Chroma: Color 

Megapixels:  1.3 MP

Readout Method:  Global shutter

Sensor Name: Sony ICX445


Image Processing: Color/Greyscale conversion, gamma, white balance

Flash Memory: 256 KB non-volatile memory

Trigger Modes: Standard, bulb, skip frames, overlapped

User Sets: 2 memory channels for custom camera settings

Exposure Range: 0.01 ms to 10 seconds

Gain Range:  0 dB to 24 dB

Dimensions:  25.5 mm × 44 mm × 41 mm


Interface: USB 2.0

Hard Drive: 200 MB hard drive space

Pixel Size: 3.75 µm

RAM: 2 GB RAM or more

Port: USB 2.0 Port

Operating System:  Windows (32–bit or 64–bit)

Auxiliary Output: 3.3 V


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