Microscope L-0940SD contains a 2 steps magnification magazine (6x ~18x) with a halogen lamp Bulb 12V light source and a built-in continuous light intensity controller various filters (Cobalt, Red-Free, Heat Absorption, 1/2 ND)

MODEL: L-0940SD 

Portable Microscope

Adjustable Microscope Head System

Viewlight's microscope head adjuster provides a motorized powered focus with measurements that can be taken directly on screen, and an automatic report can be generated with all the image and measurement data.

Microscopes Assembled


Microscope L-0940-SD ergonomic design microscopes features the optional built-in C mount system, extra beam splitter, assistant binocular microscope, 35mm camera body, and video camera mount.  

All Inami microscopes are built with a solid heavy weight four leg base and a two locking fixed mechanism to ensure a firm and steady position.

Four Leg Base


Main Features


Inclination Angles

Adjustable Binocular

2x Magnifications

Drum Type

Illumination Filters


The power focusing and adjustable 2 steps  continuous magnification (6x - 18x)ranges by a field of view of 51~ 8mm, pupillary adjustment 50~75mm, objective lens F=175mm, and diopter adjustment -6D - ±5D

Side changer, which is located above of the microscope head, is a function that enables operators to easily change the target eye from side to side or up and down without moving the whole arm part of microscope. 

The illumination microscope filters (Cobalt, Blue, Red free, heat absorbing, 1/2ND) are used for both observation and photo microscopy for either over the illuminator or in a filter slot that lies in the light path. 

Clamp System

Wall & Table Mounting


Light Sources

Halogen Bulbs

Carry-On Case

Halogen Bulbs

Intensity control knob which employs a bright and cool 21V 150W halogen lamps bulbs with optical fiber guide system and a max Intensity 80,000 Lux. Power Unit AC 100V, 120V, 220V, 240V, Fixed voltage 50/60 HZ

The ergonomically clamp mechanism helps the surgeon to balance microscope head horizontally, vertically, laterally. The L-0940SD provides a second arm (with microscope head, coaxial illumination).

The zoom portable microscope L-0940SD offers convenient portable and lockable hard carrying case useful for any occasions.



Digital Video Camera 

1.3 Mega Pixel

Video Camera Adaptor

with C-Mount F=70mm

Beam Splitter


All operation microscopes features an optional beam splitter that can be easily assembled and it allows you to attached many other Inami optional accessories.

This optional video digital camera adapter is designed for a easy and quick assembly access while adding the USB digital camera

The digital Video camera has a full suite of auto and manual controls in the USB software. The camera features a standard C-mount interface to fit any microscope with a C-mount adapter. 

Assistant Binocular


The optional high quality assistant  binocular coaxial microscope offers an apochromatic optics which allows the observer to magnify and visualize the red flex with easy and control.

H - Type Stand


All Inami microscopes are built with a solid heavy weight four leg base and a two locking fixed mechanism to ensure a firm and steady position.

Pixel Filer


Offers a friendly interface software system “Pixel Filer” software intuitively controlled by the digital CCD camera. 



Table Top Assembly

Wall Mount System

Inami’s Portable Operating Microscopes, can be securely contained in a high quality lockable carrying case with TSA lock system and vibe ration-resistant casters that ensure durability and smooth transportation during a safe 
and comfortable travel.

Portable Carry-on

Hard Case



Microscope Head Type:       Galilean Type Binocular Microscope

Magnification Changer:        Continuous zoom bry drum rotation

Eyepiece:                             15x with helicodial diopter adjustments

Magnification Ratio:              6x ~ 18x

Field of View:                         35 ~ 10mm

Pupilary Adjustment:             50 ~ 75mm 

Objective Lens:                     F= 250mm

Diopter Adjustment              -6D - ±5D

Slit Illumination:

Filters:                                    Cobalt, Red-Free, Heat Absorption, 1/2 ND

Light Source:                         Halogen Lamp Bulb 12V 150W (L016H1)

Max Intensity:                        80,000 Lux

Focal Adjustments:

Type:                                     Manual Slider

Adjustable Distance:             30mm

Focusing Speed:                  1.3mm / sec

Head Inclination:

Head Inclination Angle:         0 ~ 90° 

Head Swing Angle:                Left to Right  -30° ±30° 


Weight:                                   15kgs

Dimensions:                           1090mm x 470mm

Input Voltage:                         AC100 ~ 240V

Power Consumption:              50VA


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