Continuous Magnification

The SL-9900 ZOOM microscopes has multiple continuous enlargements, giving a clear, brilliant and well contrasted images thanks to the multi-layer anti reflection treatment. The SL-9900 ZOOM slit lamps has a rotation of  ± 90° continuous with a Tabo system and actual visual field of 32-6.2.

Slit Lamp - SL-9900  ZOOM

Slit lamp SL-9900 ZOOM are built with high quality optics and precise mechanical parts, feasible for all adjustable slit positions designed for comfort and a new experience while capturing and recording the patients eyes.

High Quality Optics

SL-9900 ZOOM slit lamps offers high quality optics and  excellent image quality for all ophthalmology demands. These devices features one stereoscopic microscope with 2 magnifications, or one Galilean system with 3, 5 magnifications, or with progressive zoom, complete with screw-out eyepieces.

Maneuver Cross Slide Joystick

The SL-9900 ZOOM slit lamps are built with a precise, smooth and high quality joystick. It provides lateral, longitudinal and vertical movements during all patients examinations.

Product Display

  1. Light Bulb / LED Cover

  2. Slit Height Value Index

  3. Extractable Eyepieces

  4. Filter Selection Knob

  5. Slit Height Adjuster / Tuner  

  6. Microscope Splitter Knob 

  7. Microscope Locking Knob

  8. Fluorescein  Filters Insertion Rod

  9. Projector Positioning Scale

  10. Slit Width Adjustment Knob 

  11. Brightness Control Knob

  12. Joystick (lateral, longitudinal & vertical) 

  13. Shaped Table Top (Optional)

  14. Fixation Point Power Supply

  15. Chinrest Module

  16. Raduated Scale

  17. Head Rest

  18. Microscope

  19. Slit Lamp Mirror

  20. Fixation Point

  21. Microscope Arm Fixing Knob

  22. Chin Rest

  23. Chinrest Height Adjusting Ring Nut  

  24. Slit Width Adjustment Knob

  25. Patient’s Handle

  26. Wheel Shields




LED Illuminator

Illumination System

SL-9900 slit lamp offers an LED illumination lamp designed for accurate and detailed observations.

Filter Insertion Control + Lever

The optical filters devices controllers can selectively transform light of different wavelengths used in many applications. Available Filters: Blue, Red, Gray, Green (Red free).

The life of the LED is longer than 50,000 working hours and its color temperature is constant in each situation

Diagnostics Procedures

SL-9900 ZOOM are designed slit lamps for ophthalmologists and optometrists for specific diagnostic procedures such as the biomicroscopic examination of the eye, ocular fundus, and posterior vitreous body

Lightning Card Red LED Reflex

The SL-9900 ZOOM slit lamps are built with a tilting device where the diagonal light sources can be vertically projected up to 20° with 5° intervals. This shows to be very helpful in the horizontal optical observation gonioscopy & posterior eye examination

Phoenix Software

The SL-9900 ZOOM slit lamps includes a Phoenix software technology which manages to collect data, measurements, captures high quality photos and video for all conducted examinations.


HR - Digital Video Camera

The new HR digital video camera has been particularly designed with hardware, firmware and optimized for all ophthalmologic purposes. HR camera is based on a high performances CCD sensor, an excellent color rendering and a integrated Phoenix software

Tonometer Z-800

(1) The Z-800 tonometer provides extreme measurement accuracy. All values are directly readable on the instrument and without any standardization or calibration difficulties.

Tonometer A-900

(2) The A-900 is an accessory to any slit lamp model, used for measuring ocular pressure, amount of force needed to temporarily flatten part of your cornea and to prevent risk of developing glaucoma.

Digital Adaptors - Canon Camera

(1) SL-9900 ZOOM slit lamps are designed to incorporate optional accessories such as the beam splitter and camera adaptor so that it can be attached with the stylish Canon professional camera.


(2) SL-9900 ZOOM slit lamps offers an optional Canon EOS Rebel Series cameras designed to capture photos and videos with its high resolution megapixel sensors and precise focus

Table Top Stations

(1) The premium two device table top station are designed with a rugged construction and simplicity, providing a peace of mind knowing your instruments are secured on a stable platform.

(2) This standard sturdy and secured instrument table features an adjustable height sequence designed for 1 optical instrument configurations.


Technical Data:

Slit Projection                                 1X                     

Slit Width (setting continuous)       0 – 12 mm  

Slit Width (setting continuous)       1– 12 mm

Slit Length (max)                            12 mm

Apertures:                                      12, 9, 5, 1, 0.2 mm

Filters:                                             Blue, Red, Gray, Green (Red free)

Light Diffuser:                                 Light Diffuser

Background Light:                          Only with Digital Vision HR

Slit Rotation:                                    ± 90° continuous (Tabo system)

Slit Angle:                                        Variable 0° | 5° | 10° | 15° | 20°

Rotation - Slit projection:                ±90°, angular scale, ref. on 0° and ±10°

Working distance:                           80 mm
Joystick Push Button:                     Only with Digital Vision HR

Left  / Right Detection:                    Only with Digital Vision HR
Voltage:                                          15V DC 1A

Light Source:                                  White LED

Brightness:                                     248,000 LUX continuous adjustment
Dimensions (H x W x D)                 675 x 313 x 335mm
Weight:                                           7 kg


System Requirements (Version Digital HR)

PC:                                                  4 GB RAM

Video Card:                                    1 GB RAM
Resolution:                                      1024 x 768 pixels

 USB                                                3.0 Type A
Operating System:                          Windows XP, Windows 7 and                                                                                   Windows 10 (32/64 bit)




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