Halogen & LED - Slit Lamps

The ergonomic design of Inami Digital Slit Lamps, provides a clear and detailed illumination for all patients eye. This device offers Convergent Type Binocular Microscope, a 5 Step Magnification monitoring screening for fine and quality observations.

MODEL: L-0229-E  


Maneuver Cross
Slide Joystick

One of the main components of the L-0229-E is the precision and comfort of the slit lamps designed Joy-stick. Features a continuous light volume controller for fine adjustment and illumination switches. It also captures

live photos and video recordings examinations for all patients documentations 

Slit Lamps Illumination

This digital slit lamps features the LED background illumination system which allows you to take clear detailed and bright images of slight light. Built in yellow filter for clearer view and energy saving light source generating no UV and less heat.

LED Background


It enables you to optically change the illumination field up to14mm by single

click actions. Digital camera beam splitter

can be attached and in addition to the

external LED background illumination 



Pixel Filer 3.0  is an easy to use software for taking fine and detailed digital images, capturing videos, and sorting files. Software runs in Windows PC.

MODEL: L-0541DC  


Digital Camera - USB

Inami Digital Slit Lamps includes a SONY digital camera which takes fine and crisp images with a high quality sensor and simple USB connection. L-0541 DC has a high speed data transfer (5Gbps) of the newest serial bus which assures a stable connection between the camera and your PC.

Premium Work Station

Slit Lamp Tables (Optional)

All Inami’s slit lamps are built with a precise, smooth and high quality optics and are assembled to a optional sturdy and secured instrument table which features an adjustable height sequence designed for one or two optical device configurations.

Adjustable & Secured

Electrical Stands

Inami’s K-1425-PT electrical stands provide a built-in up and down switches for a smooth, functional and operating characteristics table top. The K-1425-PT is generally used for all slit lamps and other optical instruments. These powered elevation tables are secured and comfortable workspace.

Inami’s device table top stations are designed with a rugged construction and simplistic design. All table tops are assembled to the optional electric pole and stands, therefore it allows you peace of mind knowing all your instruments are secured on a stable and adjustable platform

1-2 Device

Table Tops

2 Device: DT-EIT-16 

1 Device: TT-EIT-16 



Microscope Head Type:       Convergent Type Binocular Microscope

Magnification Changer:        5 Steps by Drum Rotation

Stereo Angle:                        12°

Magnification Ratio:              6x (38mm) 10x (24mm) 16x (15mm)

Field of View:                        25x (9mm)  40x (6mm)

Dimensions:                          LED: 550 (W) x 400 (D) x 660 (H) mm

                                              Halogen: 550 (W) x 400 (D) x 690 (H) mm

Weight:                                  23kgs

Pupilary Adjustment:             53 - 83mm

Focus Distance:                    106mm

Slit Illumination:

Light Source:                         LED: (White) 14VDC 1A

                                              Halogen: Lamp Bulb 12V/50W (L016H1)

Background Illumination:      14VDC 0.1A

Slit Width:                               0-10mm

Aperture Diameter:                0.2, 1, 3, 4, 6, 10mm

Slit Length:                             0-10mm

Filters:                                    Cobalt Blue, Heat Absorption, Red-Free, 1/2 ND

Slit Rotation:                          ±90°

Slit Inclination:                        0° - 5° - 10° - 15° - 20°

Max Intensity:                         58,000 Lux

Digital Camera:

Image Sensor Type:               Sony Progressive Scan

Resolution:                             1280 (H) x 960 (V)

Pixel Size:                               3.75um x 3.75um

Chinrest Vertical Movement:  75mm

Power Consumption:              LED: 25VA & Halogen: 65VA


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