Surgical Operation Microscopes

Viewlight's surgical operation microscope L-0995-AZ is ergonomically designed with user friendly features of magnification drum rotation, wide range of expandability and high quality optics.  

MODEL: L-0995 -AZ

Complete Set -Optional

Accessories Included

Microscope L-0995-AZ is offered in two different packages, one being standard factory microscope assembly or the premium

complete model with all accessories included: Touch screen monitor with pole, digital video camera & adaptor and assistant microscope. 


Vitreoretinal Surgery

Cataract Surgery

Other Opthalmic Surgery

Inami’s microscope L-0995-AZ are designed with multi functional accessories such as the display monitor with a secured and heavy duty adjustable mount for a clear and detailed view while all surgical observations



Mount Ssytem

Main Features


X & Y Centering

Motorized Deviced



Focusing Unit

Inclination Angles

Adjustable Binocular

-0995-AZ features an adjustable inclined binocular which enables surgeons to operate with comfort and efficiency specially during retinal surgery. Also includes built-in illumination microscope filters (Cobalt, Blue, Red free, heat absorbing, 1/2ND).

L-0990-A features an adjustable inclined binocular which enables surgeons to operate with comfort and efficiency specially during retinal surgery.

L-0995-AZ features a motorized X & Y stage, a horizontal arm 380mm long with 320° rotation, a counter balanced arm with a length of 565mm and it rotate 210° Microscope angle and you can tilt the angle of Microscope  from - 7° to 25°

Power Controller

Microscope Arm

L-0995-AZ microscopes main illuminator employs a two set of bright and cool 15V 150W LED lamps bulbs with a max intensity110,000 Lux. One is used for actual illumination and the other is a spare light source that can be switched in case of emergency.

Voltage Selectors

Illumination System

This convenient illuminator control lamp station is where you can access and change settings fairly quickly. Also features a two illumination system where you can independently switch them just in case of a lamp failure while in the middle of a delicate operation.

Foot Switch

L-0990-A Only

Four Leg Base


L-0995AZ is designed for the highest stability with stable H-type base with casters and well balanced counter arms mounted on the pole with 1350mm height. This stable structure achieves the highest accuracy for the positioning of the microscope arm at any position with minimal effort.

L-0995-AZ microscopes offers a user friendly foot switch pedal which controls and adjusts the coaxial illumination, and motorized micro-focusing movement of the X & Y system.





L-0995-AZ  ergonomic design microscope features an optional C mount system, double beam splitter, assistant binocular microscope, and video USB camera

Beam Splitter


All operation microscopes features an optional beam splitter that can be easily assembled and it allows you to attached many other Inami optional accessories.

Digital Video Camera 

High Resolution

The digital Video camera has a full suite of auto and manual controls in the USB software. The camera features a standard C-mount interface to fit any microscope with a C-mount adapter. 

Assistant Binocular


The optional high quality assistant  binocular coaxial microscope offers an apochromatic optics which allows the observer to magnify and visualize the red flex with easy and control

Video Camera Adaptor

with C-Mount F=70mm

This optional video digital camera adapter is designed for a easy and quick assembly access while adding the USB digital camera

Pixel Filer


Offers a friendly interface software system “Pixel Filer” software intuitively controlled by the digital CCD camera. 


(Not for Sale)

Volk: Wide Angle 

Viewing System

Inami microscopes L-0995-AZ offers
an optional wide angle viewing system,
designed with high quality lenses to
view the retina with superior sharpness
and depth of field.

Oculus: Wide Angle 

Viewing System

L-0995-AZ microscopes offers another optional wide angle viewing system that holds a lens away from the eye allowing fine focus and a panoramic view,
even through small pupils.



Microscope Head Type:       Galilean type tilting binocular microscope

Magnification Changer:         Continuous Auto Zoom

Eyepiece:                              12.5x High Eye-point

Magnification Ratio:              4.4x - 26.4x

Field of View:                         Φ48mm - Φ8mm

Pupilary Adjustment:             54mm - 70mm

Objective Lens:                     Apochromatic F=200mm

Diopter Adjustment              -7D - +7D

Slit Illumination:

Covergent Filters:                  Cobalt, Red Free, Heat absorption, 1/2ND,

Light Source:                         LED 13.5V 16W

Max Intensity:                        60,000Lux

Focal Adjustments:

Type:                                     Motorized

Adjustable Distance:             40mm

Focusing Speed:                  1.3mm / sec

Head Inclination:

Head Inclination Angle:         -7° to +18°

Head Swing Angle:                Left to Right  -30° ±30°  Left to Right  -40° ±40°


Weight:                                   92kgs

Dimensions:                           700(W) × 1490(D) × 1720(H)

Input Voltage:                         AC100 ~ 240V

Power Consumption:              50VA


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